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sigh – Google buys Fitbit

November 1, 2019 ยท

Jon Erlichman posted on Twitter ( that Google is going to buy Fitbit $2.1 billion. Except the price, Google announced it today as well ( We will see what the acquire actually mean for Fitbit and if Google just got rid of a competitor in the Wearables Market.

I actually like to use a Fitness Tracker but almost every product comes in exchange of my personal data which i have to share with a US Company. Call me paranoid, but i just didn’t have a good feeling about even, especially when Google comes into play.

For For sure, i have no idea what Fitbit actually do with my personal data, but that Google will use them for tracking and advertising is quite clear.

Maybe it’s time to look for alternatives, but are they really some out there, that care about privacy and data protection at all?

Update 1:
Fitbit also published as press release ( with a statement regarding personal data:
[…] The company never sells personal information, and Fitbit health and wellness data will not be used for Google ads […]

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